Thankful for...

It is thanksgiving day, albeit a little stranger this year with the pandemic, but there is still so much to be grateful for and, at least in my house, still food to make and dishes to clean.

I always make sure to save some of the traditional thanksgiving botanicals from the meal to fix myself an end of the day gratitude bath. There is so much bounty for our skin from pumpkin, cranberry, sage, and thyme. This post explores the skincare power of these holiday staples and includes the DIY recipe for my gratitude bath tea.


This herb has been for centuries as a way to clear the invisible wisps of energy that cling to people and places. I think we will need a lot of sage to clear out 2020! In skincare, sage is an anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal herb making it great for face and body washes, deodorants, and creams that need astringent properties.


The Victorians used to send rosemary to say "remember me," and it is a herb to can still be used to promote alertness and mental clarity. It is also a powerful antibiotic and great for oily skin.


Greek soldiers would steep their bathwater with thyme to enhance courage and boldness and it has been used as a way to clean out bad feelings in homes for centuries. It is another great acne busting herb, as it is packed with antiseptic and antibacterial properties.


Finally, the centerpiece of Thanksgiving in New England, the mighty cranberry. Native Indian tribes used cranberries to treat arrow woods and as a dye for rugs and blankets. Cranberry oil is the only oil with a perfect ratio of omega fatty acids which help keep skin hydrated and plump, this can be beneficial to dry and aging skin to bring back radiance and elasticity.

DIY - Gratitude Tea

I try to take the time after every Thanksgiving Day to have a warm back and relax from cooking (and entertaining