Stuck in the Middle

The transition between winter and spring is my least favorite, and I think March is my least favorite month of the year (there are no vacation days, only snow days and too much work!). It feels like winter will never end and spring is still so far away, and the dirty remains of storms stab at my desire for green grass and pretty petals. Of course living in New England doesn't help, as just when you think the snow is over, a Nor'Easter slams into us. So I will focus on writing about renewal and new challenges, to counteract the snow and call of the couch and carb treats.

This year I have given myself lots of goals to help get me through March. I recently started selling my products at a local store, I am filling out summer Farmer's Market vendor applications,  I launched my Etsy store, I'm selling my more artistic creations at an local Art Show, and I will round out the month teaching a class at the library. Having St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and April Fools day crammed in there too, means that I am keeping myself busy and trying to not think about the weather.

In the meantime, I am trying out different oil diffuser blends to help trick my brain into thinking that spring is here, lift my spirits, and hopefully calm the children as they run around like cooped up animals on yet another snow day!

Essential Oil Blends for Spring

I recently created these cute terracotta medallions for use in the car, home, or office. I will be selling them at the local art show next week. They are great little vehicles for delivering essential oils to the spaces that we need them: commuting, working, or hanging out at home.  Here are three blends that I have been using this week.

Ready for the Day

2 drops peppermint

2 drops Bergamot

2 drops Cedarwood


1 drop rosemary

1 drop frankincense

1 drop lemon

Clear the Air

2 drops clary sage

2 drops grapefruit

4 drops lime

Hopefully, the warmer weather is coming soon - which means that it is time to start getting our skin in shape from it's winter hibernation. My next blog post will be an accompaniment to my scrub class, so that we can polish, buff, and exfoliate our skin to be ready to receive the coming spring.

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