March Madness - Winterbloom

I have made the reference before but March is my least favorite month. I always want it to be warmer than it is, and I get suckered into the pretty flowers in the stores but yet there is still snow on the ground.

March does mean that some flowers have sprouted - notably on the Witch hazel shrub(Hamamelisdaceae). Medford Tree Warden Aggie Tuden, said tin her weekly tree report that "witch hazels present a visual and fragrant winter treat, especially with snow on the ground and blue skies overhead. With more snow and colder temperatures on the way, the flowers will curl up for protection, but will unfurl on warmer days and continue to bloom for a few weeks."

Witch hazel is also known as Spotted alder, winterbloom, and snapping hazelnut

Witch hazel is native to the eastern part of North America, and it's popular skincare water is made by boiling the stems and bark and collecting the hydrosol. You can also make a more concentrated tincture with the leaves for using as a compress for bruises and varicose veins. As an astringent it is used as a natural remedy to clear skin, from acne and redness.

Astringents contain tannins that remove excess oil and produce a contracting and tightening effect on tissues to which they are applied. This is what makes it an effective toner, after cleansing skin, the witch hazel closes pores to prevent more dirt from entering.

A Little Local History

I predominately use Thayers Witch Hazel in my products, because of it's quality and local roots. "In 1847, Henry Thayer, aged 19, the son of a physician and one of Massachusetts’ founding families, opened a laboratory on Main Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts where he produced his line of herbal extracts, which grew over time to include over 800 products in the form of infusions, poultices, syrups, tinctures, and wines."

Moisturizeng gets ready to pull us out of our hibernations, get your skin in tip-top shape with a new and improved face care routine.

  • Use a gentle cleanser (a soap or oil based cleanser)

  • Use a Witch Hazel Toner

  • Use a Moisturizer that is not too heavy

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