Do you need a Hygge?

Photo by Clare Flaherty, Filter by Prism
Give me a candle, comfy chair, and a cup of tea!

November means it is time to batter down the hatches and dial up the coziness. It is dark earlier and the weather is turning cool or raw here in the North East, making it the perfect time for candles, warm baths, and general cozy scents to make our souls smile as we hurtle towards winter and the frenzy of the holiday season.

The use of the Danish term of "Hygge" has been increasing in popularity in recent years as a way to understand and address this mid-season gloominess. 'Hygge' is used by the Danes, and Norwegians to describe a mood of coziness and being comfortable, and is associated with feelings of wellness and contentment, particularly gained from a socializing context. It has been given as one of the reasons Denmark consistently is ranked the happiest country in the world. Here are some examples of hygge in action:

So as we gather together in big or small groups over the next few weeks, we can of course count our blessings, and take some time to relax with friends and family, but we should give a little time to reconnect with ourselves.

At this time of year, I like to remind myself that is often the small things that can bring the greatest joy. Take my grandmother's famous blue pavlova for instance! Where a simple kitchen mishap, (picking up the blue food coloring rather than vanilla essence), led to surprising joy and a lasting family tradition.

Of course, I revel in these cozy months and have lots of products specifically designed with Hygge in mind, for bath, body, and home.

Have a happy, safe and hygge filled Thanksgiving!
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