A combination fit for Royalty

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Grab your fascinators - it's  Royal Wedding Time! I love a wedding and a Royal one is even more special in my book -  I will be up at 7am watching the coverage this coming weekend when Prince Harry marries American Meghan Markle and I created a mini gift pack to celebrate.

My product design centered around their Elderflower and Lemon wedding cake ( a refreshing break from the traditional fruit cake) and researching elderflowers plunged me deep into the English world I use to inhabit and I grew a little homesick.

I found the Elderflower lemonade from my youth is having a resurgence - especially when mixed with gin! I will definitely have my gin fizz ready to go this weekend.

Jamie Oliver's Elderflower Cordial

I read up on the how this native English tree is steeped in folklore about protecting homes from evil and that it is mildly poisonous (the flowers and cooked berries are fine but stay away from the roots and stems).

I found fun facts like, the name elder comes from the Anglo-Saxon word 'aeld' which means fire because the hollow stems were used as bellows to blow air into a fire, and that the flowers have been used for centuries for their skincare properties both sides of the Atlantic.

As I turned to creating, it turns out elderflowers and lemons are the perfect combination. Elderflowers are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and lemons are packed with antioxidants and Vitamin C that fights wrinkles and dark spots.  I decided to team them up with Earl Grey Tea and a hint of buttercream frosting, for a perfect English Summer Sugar Scrub, make mini lemon drop soaps, and add them to a purple amethyst and Gardenia bath bomb for a royally perfect treat. I even added a mini-bottle of Elderflower lemonade, ready to sip or add to gin!

So let's raise a glass to the happy couple and treat ourselves like royalty but without all the protocol and curtsies.

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