About Me


Hello, my name is Clare Flaherty and I create products that bring joy and goodness into everyday moments, from keeping skin radiant and healthy, balancing body and mind, cleaning the house, to just having fun!


I handcraft everything in small batches to preserve freshness and work with many different ingredients that are as close to pure and natural as I can. I try to keep a broad range of products so that there truly is something for everyone. I love to experiment so my products will be always changing.







Elsecar Park

Elsecar by the Sea

Elsecar is the small village in which I grew up, located in Yorkshire, UK. The village was built to support the mine owned by the Fitzwilliam Family, and its sandstone cottages and community buildings and rolling hills will always be in my heart.


As many of the people who lived in the surrounding area were laborers, either miners or farmers, they didn't get much leisure time and couldn't travel too far when they did. They nicknamed the village Elsecar by the Sea and flocked to the central reservoir to swim and boat and enjoy a "day at the sea," in the middle of the Yorkshire countryside.